Peter Breitenbach
is a sound artist whose work traverses sound installation, performative sound art and sound for theatre and dance. In his installations and performances he is investigating the relationship of movement and sound, through the development of software and hardware as part of sculptural objects and instruments.


The Castle

Audio walk based on motifs by Franz Kafka

Theatre | Audio Walk | Sound Design | Composition


“In the audio walk, the audience walks in groups from the theater towards the castle, accompanied by a guide. On the headphones, in a radio play recorded by members of the theatre ensemble, Kafka's world of novels unfolds and connects with the urban space, which becomes the backdrop. And so the familiar appears in a new light. The human rights road becomes a snowy landscape, the castle a palace. [...] And the closer we get to the castle, the more Kafkaesque the walk itself becomes.” [Source]

Sound Design

In sound design, we have focused on an immersive binaural experience, which leads to an entanglement of real existing and produced sounds. So to create moments of confusion and alienation that support the narrative from Kafka's novel "The Castle". The sound and music for this theatre play was created in cooperation with Sebastian Russ.


“So for about three quarters of an hour you are completely with yourself in the stereo field, gliding in the group through the pulsating city and yet you are quite far away from everything because you are practically moving in the narrative.
Above all, the technical solution is great: the radio play - known to be the "theater on the radio" - is superbly produced, with music and sounds that explore the limits of the entire stereo field [...].” (Nürnberger Nachrichten / Nürnberger Zeitung) [Source]

“Fascinating: the audience keeps turning around spontaneously to see whether the particular sound comes from the city or from the headphones. […] Super!"
(BR Hörfunk - Matthias Rüd) 
Director: Kieran Joel
Stage and Costume: Justus Saretz
Dramaturgy: Fabian Schmidtlein
Sound Design: Peter Breitenbach, Sebastian Russ
Artistic production manager: Greta Schmidt
Yascha Finn Nolting - Audiowalkguide Josef K.
Stephanie Leue - Vorsteherin
Maximilian Pulst - K.
Julia Bartolome - Wirtin
Amadeus Köhli - Barnabas
Raphael Rubino - Zwei Beamte
Thomas Nunner - Vorsteher

Fotos © Konrad Fersterer


Staatstheater Nürnberg
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