Peter Breitenbach
is a sound artist whose work traverses sound installation, performative sound art and sound for theatre and dance. In his installations and performances he is investigating the relationship of movement and sound, through the development of software and hardware as part of sculptural objects and instruments.


Dreaming Collectives. Tapping Sheep.

(State 3)

by Rimini Protokoll

Theatre | Compostion | Sound Design


With their series State 1–4, Rimini Protokoll sets out to explore phenomena of post democracy. “Dreaming Collectives. Tapping Sheep” is one out of the four theater productions and is exploring potentials and dangers of the digitalisation for the processes of democracy.  [Source]

Sound Design and Composition:

The set-up consists of 120 mobile phones, which are networked via a server. From a compositional perspective, this network is forming a surround system with 120 discrete channels. This sound set-up is complemented by a quadrophony and by several speakers on the ceiling. During the play, spectators are asked to inquire about the phone's screen. The answers are selected via the touch screen and collected and analyzed by the artificial intelligence IRIS. Each of the answers is associated with a color and a sound. The statistical distribution becomes audible as sound transmitted by the loudspeaker of the phones. In addition, the corresponding colors are projected as a statistical distribution.

Sound example:

Concept, script, direction: Daniel Wetzel
Co-author: Ioanna Valsamidou
With: Kostis Kallivretakis, Vassilis Koukalani
Stage: Magda Plevraki
Software System Design and Implementation: Dimitris Trakas (VIRA)
Music, Sound Design: Lambros Pigounis, Peter Breitenbach
Light, Technical Director: Martin Schwemin
Dramaturg: Julia Weinreich
Director assistance, Research: Andreas Andreou
Assistance, Research: Annette Müller
Director assistance: Nora Otte
Stage assistance: Natasha Tsintikidi, Anna Alma Quastenberg
Assistance Szenographie: Guy Stefanou
Gui design: Renia Papathanasiou (VIRA)
Video-Animation: Grit Schuster
Video: Mathias Oster
Live Statistic Video: Caspar Schirdewahn
On the Video: Detlef Rohrmann
Voices: Rosa-Mathilde Muck, Oskar Loßnitzer, Zoï Wetzel
Production manager State 3: Violetta Gyra, Paula Oevermann
Project coordinator State 1-4: Jessica Páez
Third Eye, Dramaturg State 1-4: Imanuel Schipper
Production assistence Rimini Protokoll: Anna Florin
Intern: Mathias Oster, Caspar Schirdewahn, Dimos Klimenof, Vassilis Lianos, Konstantina Ypsilopati (CGS Athen)
Stage Manager: Normen Schäfer︎

Photos by Martin Merkur

Rimini Protokoll: Staat 1–4: Phänomene der Postdemokratie

by Imanuel Schipper

Photo by Martin Merkur