Peter Breitenbach
is a sound artist whose work traverses sound installation, performative sound art and sound for theatre and dance. In his installations and performances he is investigating the relationship of movement and sound, through the development of software and hardware as part of sculptural objects and instruments.


The Bear Who Wasn’t There

by Oren Lavie

Theatre | Sound Design


“The Bear Who Wasn't There” is a magical story about the search for one's own identity, the joy of flowers along the way and the courage to embark on a journey with an open end. [Source]

Sound Design

Sound design and music are played via an eight channel surround sound system. The sound design consists of atmospheres, Micky Mousing, such as stepping on ice, a self-developed instrument and music.

With: Matthias Heße, Emily Klinge, Elisa Reining

Director: Andreas Mihan
Sound Design: Peter Breitenbach
Stage / Costume: Federike Schidt-Colinets
Dramaturgy: Viola Köster
Assistant Director: Kilian Seeger

Photos by Jakob Studnar

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